Helvi Professional Welders

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The SIP HG2300DV is a multi-process inverter welder that takes full advantage of Synergic welding technology. Simply select your process, gas, wire, and material, and the machine will do the rest.

  • 230v (16A), 110v (13A) input supply
  • Integrated IGBT and Synergic technology
  • Extremely powerful and versatile¬†
  • Simply select your process, gas type, wire size, and
    plate material, and the machine will set parameters
  • Synergic curves for mild, stainless steel, aluminium
  • Adjustable pre/post-flow gas times and run-in WFs
  • Existing setups can be saved, stored, and loaded

Training ACAdemy

The Welding Academy’s purpose is entirely focused on skills and supporting the skills needs and ambitions of individual employers and their employees.

Whether you want to upskill to become a precision welder or you have an interest in fabrication, we offer flexible training programmes run by highly qualified CSWIP accredited welding instructors. You can attend courses at our purpose-built workshop, or we can deliver a tailored plan onsite at your business premises.

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